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Category: Review

MORE Primary Yoga!

If you haven’t tried Primary Yoga in your primary, you are missing out!  This is a great activity to get the kids moving as you

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4-Corners Review

Last week I introduced Praise to the Man using my lesson plan HERE.  Senior primary went FANTASTIC!  They were engaged in the entire activity and

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Roll-A-Snowman Review

I pinned this activity to my Pinterest board a while back and it had TONS of re-pins.  I’m intrigued…have many of you already done this?

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Magical Singing Spray

To continue on with my “medical” theme for reviewing for our program found HERE, I thought this week would be fun to pull out the

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RX Singing Pills

So in keeping with my “medical” theme for reviewing for the program, for one of the weeks I thought I’d bring out the singing time

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Puppet Review

My neighbor loaned me the BEST prop for primary! They were super fun for all our program reviewing we’ve been doing lately!  Look how cute

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The Song Hospital

I found this great idea from the Chorister’s FB group HERE.  I loved it as an overall way to review for our upcoming primary program

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Back-To-School Review

Well, summer has ended for us and we are all back to school (kind of a bummer, if I’m being honest!)…nonetheless time to pull out

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