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MORE Primary Yoga!

If you haven’t tried Primary Yoga in your primary, you are missing out!  This is a great activity to get the kids moving as you

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4-Corners Review

Last week I introduced Praise to the Man using my lesson plan HERE.  Senior primary went FANTASTIC!  They were engaged in the entire activity and

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Praise to the Man

I’m finally starting this month’s program song!  Several of you have probably already been using my lesson plan I posted several years ago HERE.  I

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Mother’s Day Review

I wanted to take this Sunday, Mother’s Day, and review all of our program songs we’ve learned so far with a Mother’s Day twist.  I

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I Often Go Walking

I was gathering {no pun intended!} ideas for teaching this song and really liked the idea of having the kids do some drawing, like some

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New Singing Time Leader?

I can help you make it easy!